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Before You Arrive

Your physician may give you special instructions depending on whether you will undergo surgery or another type of procedure. Please follow these important instructions. Check with your physician for pre-op guidelines. Although these guidelines vary, some general advisories may be as follows:

Eating and Drinking

For your safety, unless instructed differently by your surgeon, do not eat or drink anything (including water, gum, hard candy) after midnight prior to your scheduled procedure. This is essential in preventing vomiting during and after anesthesia. Your surgery or procedure may be cancelled if this guideline is violated.


Please bring a list of all medications you are currently taking. This includes all prescription medications, routinely used over-the-counter medications and any herbal/nutritional supplements. Please do not bring your medications with you. Your physician will prescribe your medications during your hospitalization.


If you are a smoker, we strongly recommended that you quit smoking for your own health and because Parrish Medical Center is a non-smoking facility.


Before your surgery/procedure, be sure you know the date and time you are expected to arrive at Parrish Medical Center. In preparing for hospitalization, it is easy to overlook this important fact. You will also need to determine whether someone should accompany you to the hospital and home. If you are scheduled for same-day surgery, you may receive sedation or pain medication that will render you unable to drive or to travel alone by taxi or public transportation.

What Time Should You Arrive For Surgery?

Please consult with the physician/surgeon for hospital arrival/surgery time.