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Deb's Story

  • Author: Deborah Mummert
  • Date Submitted: Jun 28, 2021
  • Category: Cardiovascular Programs

In October 2019 Deb and her husband were visiting from Iowa when Deb began to experience an excruciating pain moving down her leg. As the pain began to worsen, Deb rushed to the emergency room at Parrish Medical Center. While at Parrish, Dr. Celis discovered and removed a blood clot and diagnosed Deb with AFib. After her discharge from the Emergency Room, Deb maintained regularly scheduled visits with Dr. Celis where he inserted a recorder to track some of Deb's heart activity. After reviewing the results of her recording, Dr. Celis determined that Deb needed a pacemaker immediately.

Initially, Deb was against pacemakers as she has had bad experiences with chemo ports in the past. After Dr. Celis brought out the Micra AV and explained to Deb the difference between a traditional pacemaker and the Micra, Deb decided to go ahead and get the Micra as Dr. Celis expressed its urgency.

"Dr. Celis and his team were informative and sympathetic throughout the entire procedure and every day leading up to it. The entire staff was wonderful, bending over backward to ensure that I was always comfortable in every step of the process" said Deb.

From start to finish, Deb was only at Parrish Medical Center for eight hours and was able to walk out the same day all on her own. "That day my husband and I got home, jumped in the golf cart and drove around our community's nature trail, there was next to no downtime at all" said Deb.

"Healing is an art form, and Parrish Healthcare brings it all to life."