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Healing Through Technology

  • Date Submitted: Aug 8, 2023
  • Category: Patient Testimonial

Marty was the first patient to receive robotic-assisted surgery at Parrish Medical Center. He could not be more pleased with the results and his experience. Here’s his story.

When Marty learned he needed gallbladder surgery, his primary care physician referred him to surgeon, Dr. John Zambos.

“Dr. Zambos told me I was a candidate for minimally invasive, robotic-assisted surgery, and I’m glad he did,” said Marty. “My surgery and recovery were excellent. I had only a couple of days of minor discomfort,” added Marty.

“I arrived to the surgery waiting area, checked-in, and within minutes I was taken back to get prepared.” He continued, “The procedure went as planned. But, it was the people who cared for me that made the difference. I can’t say enough about how well everyone treated me.”

We have long used minimally invasive surgical methods to remove the gallbladder, such as laparoscopic methods. However, with the addition of the robotic da Vinci® Xi™ Surgical System, our surgical teams now have another option to improve patient outcomes and patient experiences.

The combination of a surgeon’s skill, the advanced training of the surgical team assisting the surgeon, and the precision of the robotic surgical system carries great benefits for patients. It can be used across a spectrum of minimally invasive surgical procedures including: gynecology, urology, thoracic, cardiac and general surgery.

The surgeon is 100% in control of the robotic-assisted da Vinci® System, which translates hand movements into smaller, more precise movements of tiny instruments inside the patient’s body. The system provides surgeons a highly magnified view, virtually extending their eyes and hands into the patient.

“Robotic-assisted surgery advantages translate into advantages for patients,” said Dr. Zambos. “When a surgeon can see better, and use even more delicately-designed smaller, finely-crafted instruments, it leads to better results. It greatly multiplies my ability, to see more clearly and work more closely, with greater exactness than ever before.”

Adding this new level of technology would not have been possible without the commitment of our board of directors, our leadership teams, our community for their generous donations that helped us fund the technology; our surgical teams who embraced the technology and all the advanced training required to bring it life; and the focus of every care partner involved to furthering our mission, vision and values.

Increased precision, smaller incisions, less blood loss, fewer complications, shorter hospital stays and faster recoveries means we are healing through technology.
Together, we are Healing Patients. Healing Families. Healing Communities.