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Emergency Department Titusville

Providing 24/7 Emergency Care

Most people do not plan for emergencies, but when sudden serious or life-threatening illness or injury strikes, Parrish Medical Center is here to serve you. Parrish Medical Center's Emergency Department is honored to treat more than 40,000 patients per year. We are a nationally certified Primary Stroke Center and are nationally recognized for saving more lives through our safe practices.

Triage Emergency Classifications

Our goal is to see and treat each patient as quickly as possible. Due to the nature of the emergency department, patients are seen in order of the seriousness of their injury or illness - not on a first-come, first-served basis. Rendering lifesaving care to emergent (the critically ill or injured) patients are always given priority.

When you arrive, you will be triaged. Your medical condition will be classified as emergent, very urgent, urgent, semi-urgent and non-urgent depending the acuity of your illness or injury.

**Be sure to let someone know if your condition worsens while waiting for treatment. This may be a sign that your condition needs more immediate attention.

Emergency Room vs Urgent Care Needs

Discharge Instructions

Upon being released you will be given a customized computer-generated information sheet called "discharge instructions." As part of the discharge process, you will be referred to your family physician for follow-up. If you do not have a family physician, we will give you the name of a PMC on-call physician.

If you have questions after being released or about your follow-up visit, please contact us at 268-6130.

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