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Making Grandma Beautiful Again

  • Author: Grandma X.
  • Date Submitted: Dec 26, 2017
  • Category: Cancer

Early one morning, a woman visited the fifth floor Cancer Care Boutique with a small bag containing a very precious gift.

Holding up the small bag, the woman explained that the bag contained blond hair clippings from her six-year-old granddaughter. Her granddaughter, who was visiting from out of state, wanted to do something to help grandma “be beautiful” again.

Grandma was undergoing chemo treatments and lost her own hair. Her granddaughter had long, beautiful blond hair, which she cut so that grandma could have a wig made from it.

While the small amount of hair in the bag was not enough to make a wig, Grandma came to us to ask for help so her granddaughter’s loving gift would be honored.

“Do you have a wig that might match my granddaughter’s hair?” asked the grandmother.

The little girl’s hair was a distinctive color and it would be difficult to match it, but maybe, just maybe, they’d find one that was close. A brand new shipment of wigs had just come in and, as luck would have it, the very first wig drawn from the box was a perfect match!

Grandma tried it on and not only was it a perfect color match, it fit well and, indeed Grandma looked and felt beautiful again!

Grandma, granddaughter and the entire family were overjoyed.