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Leaving an Imprint with Acts of Kindness"

  • Author: PHC Staff
  • Date Submitted: Dec 26, 2017
  • Category: Care Partner Stories

In a healthcare organization with more than 1,300 care partners, there are hundreds of thousands of patient-family-care partner interactions every day. Some are so brief as to brush by almost without notice. But even the smallest things can leave an impression - a smile at an apprehensive patient; a “please” when making a request of someone; a reassuring word; any act of kindness. All these examples and many more like them are meaningful and leave an imprint. Here are some of the imprints that care partners have made recently as written on our Care and Share cards by grateful third and fifth-floor patients.

  • “I wanted to take the time to let you know what loving, wonderful, professional care I’ve received during my stay in the hospital during my total knee replacement by Dr. Hanna. (The care) by RN Amanda and CNA Sam has been so great…I’ve been blessed to have such a loving and caring staff. I rate them all 5 stars for excellence.”
  • “Your day service and night service were fantastic and professional. Every time I called for help, day or night, they came immediately. Nurses were great, especially Lauren.”
  • “Judy CNA is awesome! Took great care of my dad and we loved her.”
  • “I must compliment your entire staff during my latest stay. Wonderful hospital, doctors, phenomenal nursing staff, housekeeping and food preparers. Thank you, Parrish personnel.”
  • “Great ladies, especially Grace and Victoria. But everyone did a great job. Super sweet!”
  • “Cindy, thanks for always being on time and taking the time to talk to me. It meant a lot. Great RN!”
  • “Casey, your smile is infectious and I am jealous of your energy. Thank you for your help!”

Each moment of contact with patients, families, and fellow care partners is a moment in which our spirit of healing, and commitment to living our mission, vision, and values, leaves an imprint on someone’s life. Make every moment an impactful, healing moment.