With our visitor restrictions related to COVID19, our care partners would like to support our patients and visitors by allowing “Virtual Visitations.”

If a patient and their loved ones have smartphones, they can participate in video calls directly with one another. If a patient doesn’t have a smart phone but their loved one does, a Parrish Healthcare ipad can be used to support video calls through FaceTime (iOS) or Duo (android).

  • From there, patient experience care partners receive the request for virtual visits. They will arrange the call by obtaining the visitor’s name, number, and what type of device they are using. We inform the nursing staff and the patient receiving the virtual visitation to be sure that time works for all parties involved.
  • Patient experience will request that patients limit the calls to 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes, care partners will retrieve the iPad, clean the iPad with Sani Cloth (purple top) wipes, and clear call history on the device.

Virtual Visits can be scheduled Monday through Friday by calling 321-268-6111 ext. 4357 or ext. 4358.