Internal Medicine in Brevard County

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Doctors who practice internal medicine are called internists. These are doctors who provide ongoing care to patients very much in the same way that family doctors do. However, the critical difference is that internists exclusively treat adult patients and are specially qualified to provide insight and care for medical conditions that are specific to adults.

At Parrish Healthcare, our internists partner closely with patients to understand their health concerns and provide the treatments, resources, and education to improve or maintain their health. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with one of our internists, call our facility to speak with our team.

Receiving Care from Your Internists

A doctor of Internal Medicine provides continuing care to adult patients who are looking to maintain their health or are just entering routine healthcare after suffering from a significant health issue (such as stroke, heart attack, an injury, etc.) or a new diagnosis. Patients suffering from chronic illnesses may also be assigned to an internist for ongoing care to address the illnesses and maintaining the patient's overall health.

Doctors of Internal Medicine:

  • Provide routine check-ups
  • Conduct additional appointments as needed
  • Give patients referrals to other specialists as needed
  • Introduce patients to hospital resources and programs
  • Provide medical insight and advice for emerging health concerns
  • Write and manage prescriptions
  • Provide any scheduled immunizations
  • Order any additional lab tests for the patient as needed

While internists are not always considered "primary care doctors," they can serve a similarly critical role if the patient is ever in need of additional hospital services by collaborating with newly involved physicians and specialists.

If you have more questions about our department of Internal Medicine—or you are ready to schedule an appointment with us at Parrish Healthcarer—contact us today.