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Medtronic Micra™ AV Pacemaker Surgery in Titusville

The World’s Smallest, Minimally Invasive Cardiac Pacemaker, Now With AV Synchrony

Micra AV is a miniaturized, fully self-contained pacemaker that delivers advanced pacing technology to AV block patients via a minimally invasive approach.

Benefits of Micra AV Pacemaker

  • 93% smaller than conventional pacemakers
  • Cosmetically invisible to the patient after implantation
    • No chest scar
    • No bump
    • No visible or physical reminder of a pacemaker under the skin
    • Fewer post-implant activity restrictions
  • Comparable in size to a large vitamin
  • Weighs the same as a penny (2 g)

Minimally Invasive Procedure

  • Delivered directly into the heart through a catheter inserted in the femoral vein
  • Does not require a surgical incision or creation of a “pocket” under the skin, which eliminates any visible sign of the device and a potential source of complications
  • >99% implant success rate, with low dislodgement and infection rates


Contact the Parrish Healthcare team today at 321-268-6111 to learn more about the Micra AV minimally invasive pacemaker.

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