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Cancer Care Navigator Program in Titusville

Guidance through Brevard County’s Cancer Care Resources

nurse with boxing glovesCancer comes with many challenges, and ironically one of those challenges includes organizing the numerous services out there that can help you through this difficult time. At the Parrish Infusion Center, our patient navigator helps patients understand and plan their cancer care plan. Your patient navigator will make sure you get the support and help you need so you can get the best care possible.

For more information about this program, please contact our patient navigator at 321-268-6111, ext. 3544.

The Patient Navigator will:

  • Guide you through the healthcare system
  • Help you fill out insurance forms
  • Help you find ways to pay for health care if you don’t have insurance
  • Direct you to services for further diagnosis and treatment
  • Direct you to local resources and support
  • Help you keep track of and find ways to get to your appointments
  • Help you get your questions answered
  • Help you find more healthcare information

How the Patient Navigation Program will benefit you:

  • Improved and more timely access to healthcare services and information
  • Fewer delayed and missed appointments
  • Increased satisfaction with your experience

Patient Education Downloads

  • Breast Stereotactic and Core Biopsy | Download PDF
  • Ultrasound Mammotone Breast Biopsy, Core Biopsy and Cyst Aspiration | Download PDF
  • Breast Lymphoscintigraphy Prior to Lumpectomy/Partial Mastectomy/Mastectomy | Download PDF
  • Breast Needle Localization Before Lumpectomy/Partial Mastectomy | Download PDF
  • Breast Needle Localization With Surgical Excisional Biopsy | Download PDF
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