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Family Support Groups In Brevard County

Bringing Families Closer Together

Our family support groups are fun, convenient programs for parents and children. We offer multiple courses designed for different family structures and age groups. The goal of these programs is to help parents and children learn new ways to bond and communicate with each other, and ultimately bring the entire family closer together.

Mom's Group

  • Newborns to 6 months. A support group for new and expectant moms to network on such issues as breastfeeding, play, and the importance of early literacy, developmental milestones and more.
  • Professionals from our community to provide special programs bi-monthly such as baby yoga, nutrition, language development, etc.
  • Come join us each Monday from 10-11 a.m. at no charge. Pre-registration is not required.
  • Information: 321-268-6682 or email

For more information and eligibility requirements, call 321-631-2740 or email

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