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How Health-Conscious Moms Influence Good Habits in Children

How Health-Conscious Moms Influence Good Habits in Children

We all want our kids to be healthy and make good choices when it comes to nutrition. As a health-conscious parent, you probably talk to your kids about why they should forgo the sugary snacks, as well as the importance of taking a break from video games.

While talking about nutrition and exercise is always a good idea, why not show them too? Here are fun and creative ideas that can help instill good health habits in your kids now through adulthood!

Field Trip!

Not only do some farmers markets have an abundance of nutritional fruits and vegetables to choose from, but many offer entertainment and other activities to boot, so you can make it a win-win outing for the entire family! Farmer’s markets can be a great teaching tool in the process of how fruits and vegetables are harvested. Help your kids feel empowered in making their own health choices and let them pick the fruits and vegetables that they may like to eat. When you get home, prepare a good meal with all your healthy goodies!

Crafty Cooks!

You can make eating nutritious foods fun for the whole family. Use fruits and vegetables to create a masterpiece on a plate! With a plethora of enticing recipes online, your kids will not only be eating better, they’ll be using their imagination while having fun too! From veggie bugs to fruit flowers, we found some great examples here at Super Healthy Kids.

Take it Outdoors!

Families that play together stay heart-healthy together! Just a simple game of catch or a trip down the slide with your kids can go a long way. Parents who participate in exercise and other fitness activities with kids can help them develop a habit in wanting to be outdoors rather than behind a computer. Yoga is another great activity that can physically benefit everyone in the family! So namaste and play with your kids today!

From cancer prevention to a healthy heart, teaching your kids the importance of exercise along with a variety of fruits and vegetables can help them develop good health habits that take them into adulthood. For more information about nutrition and exercise, Parrish Medical Center offers many services to meet health and wellness needs for the whole family.