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Kristina's Story

  • Author: Kristina Crabtree
  • Date Submitted: Jun 28, 2021
  • Category: Women's Health

After having her first two children at Parrish Medical Center, Kristina knew that she wanted to deliver her third at Parrish as well. "My birthing experiences with my first two children were fabulous. Dr. Caito is amazing. She tells you how it is and gets to know you on a personal level as well. She takes her time with her patients and wants to ensure that we are all receiving the care that we need" said Kristina.

"At Parrish something that really stands out to me is that they treat you like a person, they don't treat you like a patient. When I walk in they not only know my name, they know what I want for my birth plan and really get to know me. At Parrish Medical Center I feel like I'm so much more than a patient and I feel comfortable telling my story.

I feel so special now that my family is complete and that Parrish Medical Center was apart of that experience. I highly recommend to anyone, if you want to have a fabulous birth experience, Parrish Medical Center is the place to go" Kristina said.