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Parrish Healthcare Celebrates Certified Nurses Day

Parrish Healthcare Celebrates Certified Nurses Day

TITUSVILLE, FLA. (March 19, 2024)—Parrish Healthcare is excited to celebrate Certified Nurses Day—an annual day of recognition for and by health care leaders dedicated to nursing professionalism, excellence, recognition and service.

Celebrated since the 1980s, every March 19, employers, certification boards, education facilities and health care providers celebrate and publicly acknowledge nurses who earn and maintain the highest credentials in their specialty. Certified Nurses Day honors nurses worldwide who contribute their talents through national board certification in their specialty. Parrish Healthcare is proud to celebrate twenty nurses who are board certified in their specialty.

Kristina Crabtree, Parrish Healthcare’s People Development Manager, explains the significance and additional workload for nurses to obtain a certification. “When a registered nurse decides to work towards becoming a certified nurse, they are voluntarily taking an extra step in their education to demonstrate a level of competence and knowledge in their field of nursing.” Kristina is among our Care Partners being celebrated, as she’s earned a Nursing Professional Development Certification (NPD-BC). “Becoming a certified nurse is a fantastic professional development opportunity and shows dedication to the nursing profession.”

Robert Chambers, a Certified Wound Ostomy Nurse (CWON), explains how his certification has encouraged him to become a better nurse. “Certified nurses are specialists in their respected fields, giving them a unique opportunity to effect positive change, supporting their organization and community beyond traditional bedside care.” Robert continues, “During my career, I’ve had the pleasure of participating in such occasions, focusing on patient care, program development and staff education.”

Another Care Partner at Parrish Healthcare, Riley Sills, holds two nursing certifications: Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) and Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN). “These two certifications have allowed me to learn evidence-based standards of practice applicable to every ICU or ER across the country. They have increased my knowledge of certain modalities and treatment plans and allowed me to have a better understanding of what is going on with my patients.”

Of Parrish Healthcare’s twenty certified nurses, four Care Partners work exclusively within the Women’s Center and hold certifications in perinatal care. Holly Malcom, who holds an Inpatient Obstetric Nursing Certification (RNC-OB), recalls why she originally wanted to become a nurse. “When I was ten years old, my older brother was sick. I was so fascinated with the nurses caring for him. I decided then that I would become a nurse.” Holly explains how her certification, which requires a renewal every three years, impacts her as a Care Partner within Parrish Healthcare, “I feel having this certification keeps me current with evidence-based best practice and allows me to navigate the labor and delivery process and manage obstetric emergencies more efficiently, therefore allowing me to be a better nurse.”

Congratulations and thank you to the following Care Partners who are celebrated today on Certified Nurses Day: Stella Barrett, Shannon Burdine, Robert Chambers, Kristina Crabtree, Elizabeth Culpepper, Axelrave Dominguez, Monika Fitzsimmons, Heather Focht, Kristi Foreman, Nicholas Gumieny, Shannon Luker, Olivia Maggs, Holly Malcom, Joseline Medina, Peggy McLaughlin, Imee Perez, Riley Sills, Angela Sima, Kimber Whitehurst and Ellen Wright.