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Parrish Medical Center's COVID-19 Online Risk Assessment Enabling People to Get Care, Stay at Home

TITUSVILLE, FLA. (April 8, 2020) – Parrish Medical Center’s (PMC) free COVID-19 risk assessment has already been completed by thousands of Brevard County residents. The assessment allows residents to self-check their risk and offers a free consultation with a clinical care navigator to help get them the care they need and stay at home.

For one Port St. John woman, the risk assessment and free care navigation consultation enabled her to get needed medical equipment to her home, where she has progressed markedly from the time she took PMC’s assessment.

“During this COVID-19 pandemic, the most important thing, second only to making sure people get proper medical care, is helping people to stay at home to prevent the spread or exposure to the virus,” said Kristina Weaver, PMC director of care navigation.

PMC’s COVID-19 Risk Assessment has been accessed by nearly 3,000 people, since its March 20 debut. The assessment showed more than 500 “at-risk,” with some 200 requesting follow-up calls from PMC’s care navigation team. Calls are made usually within an hour, but in all cases within 24 hours, to people whose assessment shows a COVID-19 risk.

The assessment tool has led to identifying four people who needed hospitalization. It also is enabling people to find other ways to receive the help they need. The public can complete the free COVIDAware risk assessment by visiting

“One woman, in her mid-30s, and her husband had tried to see their primary care physician, and following the CDC guidelines they called ahead to her doctor’s office and were advised to self-isolate at home and to use an oximeter (an oxygen-level measuring device that goes on a finger),” said Weaver. “She and her husband drove around town trying, unsuccessfully, to find one.

“She took the PMC COViD-19 risk assessment the next day,” Weaver added. “When her assessment showed she was at-risk, our care navigator called her, and she explained what her doctor’s office had said about an oximeter. We found one for her, took it to her home, and placed it on her doorstep. We can’t always do these kinds of things, but in this case, we could.”

Weaver said that the risk assessment tool helps to ease pressure on emergency rooms and helps people to know the extent of their symptoms and whether they need urgent treatment.

“Only very sick people should go to the emergency room, Weaver said. “Our care navigation calls are free of charge and help people to know when symptoms become serious enough to seek emergency medical attention and what they can do to take care of themselves at home.”

“As we navigate the coronavirus pandemic together, we want to meet our community’s needs and help people stay in their homes.

“If you believe you may have symptoms of COVID-19, please take the online risk assessment before visiting the emergency room,” she said. “Our team can help you get the right care you need while decreasing your risk of exposure or from potentially exposing others.”

“This tool doesn’t replace professional medical care, but it can help ease peoples’ minds. When you take the assessment if you are at risk you will be connected to your own personal health navigator. Our team of nurses, respiratory therapists, and even a behavioral health navigator is here to help.”