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A Message From Us: Brevard's Parrish Healthcare Ready For COVID-19 Surge

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  • Written By: Parrish Healthcare

TITUSVILLE, FL (April 17, 2020)—Parrish Healthcare care partners were swift to mobilize our COVID-19 response dedicating all necessary resources to assure the health and safety of our fellow care partners (employees, medical staff and volunteers), patients and the community served.

We know from experience that North Brevard is usually last on the list to receive any sort of assistance from officials. That is why we prepared early and acted swiftly to mobilize our COVID-19 response.

  • Our swift actions helped assure our care partners have the personal protective equipment needed to care for COVID-19 patients and we continue to aggressively procure additional supplies.
  • We set up a 40x60 foot Alternate Care Site that is air conditioned, fully equipped and staffed to serve as an overflow medical treatment site if and when needed.
  • We were the first in Florida to offer an online COVID-19 risk assessment and free clinical consultations.
  • Our facilities team converted an entire hospital wing into a negative pressure unit to care for COVID-19 patients while keeping our care partners protected. Additionally, the entire intensive care unit (ICU) has been converted to serve as a dedicated COVID-19 unit for the critically ill.
  • We are connecting patients with loved ones through virtual visitation. COVID-19 response made it necessary for us to restrict hospital visitations. We understand the emotional impact this has on families, and the affect this can have on a person’s ability to heal. We are connecting hospitalized patients with their loved ones through video visits.
  • We are screening everyone daily, including providing face masks and daily temperature checks, before entering any of our facilities to assure safe and healing environments for everyone.
  • Our COVID-19 Call Center was activated in early March as a service to the community to help answer questions and alleviate fears.
  • Our physicians are offering telehealth visits to allow patients to get the care they need without needing to leave their homes.
  • We set up a free day care center for our fellow care partners who are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 response at no cost to them.
  • We offer convenient grocery pick up inside our Atrium Café. Grocery staples such as bread, butter, milk, sugar, flour, toilet paper and paper towels are offered to care partners at-cost.
  • We provide free emotional support and stress management resources to our fellow care partners through our Sources of Strength program.
  • Our Nathaniel Pilate Hardship Fund provides emergency assistance to our care partners and their families who may be struggling during this difficult time.

Parrish Healthcare—We believe in our community. Our community believes in us. Our community trusts us for the truth and because we put their needs above all else. We believe in the best and brightest working together for the common good. We believe in our care partners who put their sacred work above all else. We believe in the Art of Healing. Healing Patients. Healing Families. Healing Communities.