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Create Healthy Habits by Doing These Things Daily

Create Healthy Habits by Doing These Things Daily

Sometimes we get stuck in an unhealthy rut that could be hard to get out of. Prolonging an unhealthy routine could lead to heart disease, increased risk of cancer, and without proper exercise, your muscles and bones can weaken over time.

It’s okay if you’ve fallen into some bad health habits as of late. We want to help you get back to being your best you.

These habits are not only simple, but they can put you on the road to better health!

  • Hydrate
    Sometimes we think drinking our daily suggested water intake is a chore, but it doesn’t have to be! Add some citrus like lemons or oranges and eat your H20 too! Watermelon, cucumbers and tomatoes are all hydrating foods. Because dehydration puts a strain on your heart, make sure you take that water bottle to your workout or when doing strenuous activities.
  • Eat Without Distractions
    Sometimes it feels like you’re always eating on the go. Pay attention to your plate, eat slowly and enjoy your food. Your heart and digestive tract will thank you for it!
  • Get Out in Fresh Air
    Taking time out of your day to get some fresh air is a great stress reducer. Stress produces cortisol which contributes to weight gain as well as disruption of the immune system. A weakened immune system can lead to heart disease and cancer, so take a daily breather!
  • Find Ways to Move Each Day
    If you sit most of the day at work, get up from your desk and stretch every so often. Enlist a walking buddy during lunch hour. You can support and encourage each other to get in the habit of staying active during the workday.
  • Mental Attitude
    Having an attitude of gratitude goes a long way. Try not to let everyday stresses get to you. Again, the buildup of cortisol, as mentioned above, is detrimental to good health. Try keeping a journal and writing down all the things you are grateful for. We bet you’re feeling better already!
  • Eat Your Veggies
    If you aren’t a big fan of vegetables, there are still ways you can incorporate them into your diet every day. For example, make yourself a veggie smoothie. This delicious meal option can help prevent cancer and promote heart health as well as re-fuel you post-workout. (link sports activities blog once live)

If you have a medical condition and want an opportunity to develop healthy habits Parrish Medical Center can help. We offer nutritional counseling through Weight Watchers as well as a host of other health and wellness programs designed just for you.