2017 Karla Foster, RN, Scholarship Recipient

Jess Parrish Medical Foundation awarded the 2016 Karla Foster, RN, Memorial Scholarship of $3,000 to Amy Gullikson. The scholarship was established by Doug Foster in loving memory of his wife, Karla, who was a nurse at Parrish Medical Center for more than 22 years.

“I am so honored to receive this scholarship and carry on the legacy of Karla Foster, my grandfather, grandmother and aunt who all provided healing care in our community. I’m passionate about helping people through difficult times and providing them compassion and respect as they heal. I'm sincerely grateful to Jess Parrish Medical Foundation for awarding me this scholarship, which will help me pay for tuition and achieve my goal of becoming a Registered Nurse," stated Gullikson, bachelor’s degree student at University of Central Florida.

2016 Karla Foster, RN, Memorial Scholarship Award winner Amy Gullikson (third from left) is shown with (L-R) Gene Sego, chairman of the JPMF board of directors, Misty Wilson, director of JPMF, Edwin Loftin, PMC vice president of acute care services/chief nursing officer and Herman Cole, chairman of the PMC board of directors.