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PMC Earns Annual Gallup Great Workplace Award

Twenty-Five Organizations Receive the Fourth Annual Gallup Great Workplace Award

The world's top-performing companies help lead the global economy by engaging their workforces. These companies understand that employee engagement is a force that drives real business outcomes. The Gallup Great Workplace Award was created to recognize these excellent companies for their extraordinary ability to create an engaged workplace culture. Organizations can apply each year for this award."Studying more than 15 million employees worldwide allows us to set an extraordinarily high bar for this award," said Tom Rath, who leads Gallup's Workplace and Leadership Consulting practice. "The winners have gone far beyond just offering nice perks and benefits. They have created an environment that truly engages people every day, throughout the organization."

The 2010 Gallup Great Workplace Award recipients are:
* ABC Supply Co., Inc (four-time winner)
* Alexian Brothers Hospital Network (two-time winner)
* ASB Bank (three-time winner)
* Atlantica Hotels International (two-time winner)
* Bharti Airtel Limited (three-time winner)
* Bon Secours Richmond Health System
* B&Q (four-time winner)
* Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.
* Cable & Wireless Panama (two-time winner)
* Campbell Soup Company (four-time winner)
* Eisenhower Medical Center
* HealthEast Care System
* Hendrick Health System (four-time winner)
* Indian Hotels Company Limited
* Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation
* Novo Nordisk, Product Supply A/S
* Parrish Medical Center
* PNC Bank (two-time winner)
* Self Regional Healthcare (three-time winner)
* Sisters of Mercy Health Systems
* Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong three-time winner; Kenya, Thailand, and Korea)
* Stryker (four-time winner)
* Transitions Optical, Inc.
* Vanguard Health Systems
* Winegardner & Hammons, Inc. (four-time winner)

Award Criteria
The awards recognize the organizations that best engage their employees based on the following criteria:
* a census survey of at least 1,000 respondents
* a Q12 response rate of 80% or higher
* a Q12 GrandMean score of 4.15 or higher in at least half of the organization's workgroups
* a best practices portfolio that includes:
* a one-page description that explains how the organization has linked engagement to business outcomes
* a strategic plan that highlights building engagement within the organization
* two or three organization-wide best practice initiatives
* 20 workgroup-level best practice action plans
* one example of a tool, program, or process that has been created or used to increase or promote employee engagement within the organization