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Brevard County Special Needs Program

  • The Brevard County Special Needs Program is a voluntary program that should be considered by individuals who have no alternative other than a public shelter or who need transportation to a shelter. The Office of Emergency Management recommends using this program only as a last resort and you should consider sheltering with relatives or friends before using a shelter.

  • Special needs individuals are those with health or medical conditions who meet the program criteria or need transportation assistance during an evacuation. Those individuals who meet program criteria are provided sheltering and/or transportation assistance within the resources available in Brevard County. Brevard County Special Needs shelters are mainly in elementary schools throughout the county.

  • If other alternatives are not available, individuals who elect to use any public shelter should bring cots, bedding, medicine and medical supplies and food supplies for each person to be self-sufficient for 72 hours. The community pages of the local phone book provide information on items recommended to take to a shelter.

  • Remember, Brevard County shelters are in schools and contain neither privacy nor luxuries.

  • There will be a minimum of service provided. How comfortable you will be in the shelter is your responsibility.

  • If you have any question, please contact your home health agency, durable medical equipment company, or the Office of Emergency Management.