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Janice Michael

  • Author: Janice Michael
  • Date Submitted: Aug 5, 2019
I want to thank you for bringing Dr. Licht to PMC. I have a history of kidney stones but I had not had one in a couple of years. I was diagnosed with a Urinary Tract Infection three times within six weeks. I was told I needed to see a urologist to see what was going on. I was referred to Dr. Licht who was such a kind and concerned man. He ordered a diagnostic test first and then called me the same day and said he was worried about me. My test said that I had two stones. One partially blocking in one kidney and the other was in the other kidney and infected. Within three days, I was in the OR to have two stents put in and the next week I had one stone removed with the lazer. Then, a couple weeks later, I had lithotripsy on the final stone. Dr. Licht is a godsend. He treated me with respect, kindness and concern. Also my three visits to the OR were wonderful. Everyone was professional, compassionate. I received excellent care. Thank you again for Dr. Licht and your staff.