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  • Author: CONNIE BALUH
  • Date Submitted: Apr 6, 2019
My husband and I were visiting(from Pennsylvania) my brother and sister-in-law in Titusville when I had a medical emergency,and ended up at Parrish Medical. I was in the front seat of my brother's car when I got very hot and light-headed. I had a syncope episode,and my sister-in-law had to shake me and say my name several times until I came to. They thought that I had a heart attack and rushed to the ER. My vitals were taken,and I was sent back to the waiting room. I felt pressure(like I had to empty my bladder)so my sister-in-law helped me to the restroom, I did urinate,but looked in the commode,and it was filled with red blood. I saw Dr. Garcia,and he confirmed that I was bleeding rectally. I was then sent to room 430 where I bled all night. I could feel the blood cascading down my legs to my feet. Several times,I had to call to have those pads changed. I went to the bathroom,only to feel like I was about to faint.( I told the CNA that I was going to faint.) The next thing I knew,I had coded,and my room was full of medical personnel. Dr. Ford(anesthesiologist) came in and said we need to get endoscope done immediately. He ordered 2 units of packed cells to be pushed so that I could get through the procedure. I was sent to endoscopy soaked with bloody pads under me. Heather,nurse wouldn't change them anymore because she said it would irritate my skin. My husband and I both heard her say that she had other patients to take care of,but was stuck in THIS room. After my endoscopy, Nurse Jackie and a helper cleaned me off. She said it was very hard to get the blood off,and it was even in my toenails. She was very patient,and got me cleaned up. I want to thank Dr.Khatib and Sherry for their excellent care. I then went to ICU for a couple days,then to room 545. Thank you 5th floor,for excellent care....Helen,Nadia,Diana,Lindsay. While I was on 5th floor, I went into A-fib,so Dr. Celi was called. He came in at 3:30 am and took care of me. By morning ,I had converted back to sinus rhythm. Dr. Patel was awesome! He really took his time and answered any questions that I had. I also have to thank Dr. Simon Symeonides. He is a very caring and compassionate doctor. I was impressed that he also came up to the fifth floor to see me. I would like to commend all the phlebotomists...they were all very professional,and were excellent at their job. All in all, my experience was good at Parrish Medical,except for the 4th floor,where I feel I almost bled to death.