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Mark R. Licht, MD

About Mark

Dr. Licht completed his undergraduate studies at Columbia University and his medical degree at the University of Rochester. He then finished his urology residency at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio and Neurourology and Andrology Fellowship at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

While providing care for both women and men, Dr. Licht specializes in male reproductive health, prostate health, male fertility, vasectomy reversal, erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

Dr. Licht has earned various honors during his professional career, most notably being named to Best Doctors in America by Best Doctors since 2001. He also earned Most Recommended Physicians in Florida in 2011 and Top Doctors in America by U.S. News and World report in 2016.

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  • Feb 28, 2023
    I'm sorry that he is so rushed. That they have gone to some kind of medical timing. I don't know what he's up against. It's not fair to the patient, not fair to him. If he wants to practice medicine, you can't rush and then you get out and then run. He actually hurried because they're on a clock. They're doing something on time and he's trying to answer it to the clock and not the patient. I feel bad for him and for me, That's all I had to say.
  • Jul 15, 2022
    He did a great job. I felt comfortable and it was a good experience.
  • Apr 28, 2022
    Dr Licht is great. Much confidence in him. Comfortable speaking with him about my procedures. Cautious decisions about my care. Takes time with me. Never feel hurried. Glad I got him for my doctor.
  • Apr 28, 2022
    Dr. Licht was very knowledgeable. and, and very good about telling me everything that I need to know, and I appreciate everything that he did for me. And thank him very much.
  • Apr 28, 2022
    Everyone in the office made you feel very comfortable and they were all very courteous and just like I said, you were very comfortable talking with the doctor and with the nurses. That's it, and I would recommend them to anyone.
  • Apr 28, 2022
    Dr. Licht is such a caring, professional person. Very knowledgeable. He is also a very mild mannered gentleman. Always ready to listen and inform you with answers to any questions. He is definitely an asset to the Parrish Medical Group.
  • Apr 25, 2022
    Great care
  • Apr 20, 2022
    Dr. Licht was a fantastic doctor and him in a staff and I felt like my testicles were in great hands the entire time.
  • Apr 14, 2022
    Did not explain severe pain associated with office procedure and with urination for the following two days. I came to the office because I had two problems and I believe the medicine only addressed one of these problems.
  • Apr 14, 2022
    The doctor was thorough. He asked me about my opinion and additional treatment. He was courteous. He seemed to be concerned and I would definitely be back.
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