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Eviction of OMNI for Failure to Pay Rent

  • OMNI stopped paying Parrish Medical Center any rent in August 2020 – about twenty-nine months ago. Dr. Deligdish personally guaranteed such rent payments and did not pay them either.
    • Despite knowing that it would have to leave the facility, OMNI chose not to plan the transition of care for cancer patients.
    • Parrish Medical Center did and stands ready to care for the residents of our community. Patients will not have to travel as far as 50 miles for treatment. Local physicians have confirmed that they are available to care for any patients. OMNI has simply refused to call such physicians.
  • OMNI’s CFO admitted under oath to the Judge that OMNI had the money to pay Parrish Medical Center the rent it owed, but simply decided not to pay pursuant to the terms of its lease. Given OMNI’s failure to pay rent owed, Parrish Medical Center had to spend money on lawyers and take OMNI to Court. After fighting OMNI in Court for nineteen months, the Court ruled “in favor of granting summary eviction.”
  • The Court found that:
    • "Omni completely quit paying their rent and other charges in August of 2020”
    • “The evidence established that Omni was seriously delinquent in paying its rent obligation. Omni is in default of the Leases pursuant to the Leases’ terms and provisions.”
    • “Pursuant to the terms of the Leases and the evidence presented, both Leases have also expired.”
    • Parrish “is entitled to recover from Omni immediate possession of the real properties located at 845 Century Medical Drive, Titusville 32796, Suite A and Suite B.”
    • MNI is required to immediately surrender possession of the leased Premises to” Parrish Medical Center.”
  • Importantly, Parrish Medical Center cares for its patients and for the members of our community and has taken steps to assist patients with any transition of care resulting from OMNI’s eviction. For years, Parrish Medical Center has been at the forefront of cancer care needed by members of our community. Parrish Medical Center’s Cancer Program was first accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer (CoC) in 1989 and is one of the few CoC recognized programs in Brevard County
  • Last year, Parrish Medical Center hired Dr. Robert K. Oldham an internationally recognized oncology/hematology specialist to care for patients in our community. Since 951 N. Washington Ave. Titusville, FL 32796 arriving at Parrish Medical Center, Dr. Oldham has cared for hundreds of patients. Indeed, Dr. Oldham’s skills are so well respected that he has even received referrals from OMNI physicians.
  • Because OMNI was going to be evicted for failing to pay rent, Parrish Medical Center began preparations to assist any patients with transition of care issues so that they could be cared for locally. Dr. Oldham was hired, and Parrish Medical Center has arranged transition of care with local radiation oncologists. Parrish Medical Center has set up a contact number for assistance with any transition of care issues -- Parrish Medical Center’s Oncology Department can be reached at 321-268-6831.

Brevard County Circuit Court Orders Payment of $626,258.52

• A Brevard County Circuit Court ordered OMNI to pay past due and current rent into the court registry.

• On February 1, 2022, a Brevard County Circuit Court ordered the payment to Parrish Medical Center of all the funds deposited by OMNI into the court registry – $626,258.52. And since that time and through the time it was evicted, OMNI deposited over $20,000 a month into the court registry.

Fifth District Court of Appeal Dismisses OMNI’s Appeal

• On February 3, 2023, the Fifth District Court dismissed OMNI’s appeal of the order distributing $626,258.52 to Parrish Medical Center.

Restraining Order against Dr. Deligdish

• On January 27, 2023, A North Carolina Judge entered a restraining order titled temporary restraining order (terminated on 3/1/2023) against Dr. Deligdish, OMNI’s president, and in favor of a dosimetrist, who Deligdish has alleged created a website cataloging numerous litigations involving OMNI and Dr. Deligdish.

The University of Central Florida College of Medicine

• The University of Central Florida College of Medicine terminated Dr. Deligdish’s voluntary position at the University for failing to follow its instructions to cease and desist from using its name in his signature block.