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Types of Blood Donation

Types of Blood Donation

Understanding Different Types of Blood Donation

Each day in the United States, roughly 29,000 units of red blood cells, 5,000 units of platelets, and 6,500 units of plasma are needed by patients. With such a high demand for blood and various blood components, blood donation can help save many lives.

In light of National Blood Donation Month, the health experts at Parrish Healthcare are here to shed some light on each of the different types of blood donation.

Whole Blood Donation

As the name suggests, whole blood donation involves donating the whole of your blood as it runs through your veins rather than a single component of your blood. When donating your whole blood, your donation includes:

  • Red blood cells
  • Platelets
  • Plasma
  • White blood cells

With this type of donation, your blood can be broken down into components and administered to patients as needed, making it a versatile type of blood donation.

Platelet Donation

With platelet donation, a machine is used to draw your blood, filter out the platelets, and return the other components of blood back to your body. During this process, the blood is extracted from one arm, filtered, then the remaining blood components are returned in the other arm.

Plasma Donation

During AB plasma donation, a special machine is also used to filter plasma from your blood. Just like platelet donation, the blood is extracted from one arm, filtered, and returned to the body in the other arm.

Power Red Donation

With power red donations, donors are supplying red blood cells only. During this process, a machine is used to extract blood, filter the red blood cells, and return your white blood cells and plasma.

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