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3 Myths About Vaccines

3 Myths About Vaccines

3 Common Misconceptions About Immunization

Living in the age of technology and information, we have a lot of knowledge readily available at our fingertips. Unfortunately, that means there are plenty of misconceptions circulating the internet when it comes to many health-related topics—including vaccines.

In light of National Immunization Awareness Month, we're here to set the record straight on some of the most common misconceptions surrounding immunizations.

Myth: Vaccines make you sick.

While it is true that vaccines are made of the same germs that can get you sick—vaccines are made from viruses that have either been killed or weakened to the point where they can't actually cause you to get sick from the disease. There’s just enough of the illness-causing bacteria present for your body to recognize the foreign invader, causing your immune system to develop the appropriate antibodies to protect you in the future.

Myth: Vaccines cause autism.

While it is a common belief that there is a connection between vaccinations and autism spectrum disorder (ASD), studies have shown that there is no link between getting vaccinated and developing ASD. In a 2011 study, it showed that of the 8 vaccines administered to children and adults, they were all safe.

Myth: If everyone around me is vaccinated, I don’t need a vaccine.

Herd immunity” happens when the large majority of a population is immunized, helping to protect themselves and those who aren’t vaccinated from preventable diseases. This is because it limits the disease’s ability to spread effectively.

However, when too many people don’t get immunized based on the assumption that most others are, they increase the risk for disease outbreaks.

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