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Parrish Medical Center partners with new food service provider HHS

Parrish Medical Center (PMC) is pleased to welcome Austin, Texas-based and award-winning food service provider HHS to its family of integrated care partners. HHS began operating the medical center’s food service on November 14, 2019.

In August, PMC issued a 90-day notice of intent to terminate the hospital’s agreement with Sodexo, to whom the medical center outsourced management services for its food and nutrition operations. The agreement formally ended November 14, 2019, ending a long-term relationship between PMC and Sodexo. PMC has transitioned its food service operations to international award-winning HHS.

George Mikitarian, PMC President/CEO, said that Sodexo demands were the determining factor in the hospital’s decision.

“There were a set of difficulties which reached a critical mass,” Mikitarian said. “We regret this, as we had had a long relationship with Sodexo; however, recently their corporate philosophy and dynamics have changed in a manner that no longer aligns with our mission, vision and values. We ultimately concluded that the company’s significant and mandated annual increases in their fees and among other contractual issues required a change of vendor.”

HHS brings more than 45 years of healthcare support services experience to our organization. We are confident patients, visitors and our care partner will be pleased with the innovation and service levels that HHS and its team will provide.