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Parrish Medical Center | Parrish Healthcare was well-prepared for Hurricane Irma. During Hurricane Irma, Parrish Medical Center had hundreds of employees and medical staff on-site. The employees and physicians remained on-site around-the-clock for three days (Saturday thru Monday). They were relieved on Monday/Tuesday when it was safe for relief-staff to travel. PMC also gave shelter to our area’s first-responders— police department and Coastal Ambulance personnel.

The medical center sustained no structural damage and was back to normal operations earlier this week.

As expected, the emergency department is seeing an influx of patients needing urgent and emergent treatment after the storm. Most common injuries and conditions being treated post storm are cleanup effort injuries, generator-related carbon monoxide poisoning, cardiovascular-related conditions, as well as those who need care related to pre-existing chronic conditions with no other options until access to medical offices and area pharmacies is restored. On average, PMC’s emergency department treats more than 44,000 people a year, with an average of 120 patients per day.

Parrish Healthcare has also set up a temporary day care center at Parrish Medical Center’s conference center, for the children of Parrish Healthcare employees who must work throughout the recovery efforts. The temporary day care center is also available to current clients of The Children’s Center.

Parrish Healthcare also provides its employees with access to various Employee Assistance Programs, including a hardship fund, for those who may have experienced personal damage to their homes.

The following Parrish Healthcare outpatient locations are open and back to normal operations:

  • Jess Parrish Medical Foundation Office; Heritage Hall and Carey House
  • Parrish Cancer Center
  • Parrish Dialysis Center
  • Premise Employee Health Clinic
  • Parrish Healthcare Centers
  • Parrish Health & Fitness Center
  • Parrish Home Health
  • Parrish Outpatient Rehab
  • Parrish Wound Healing Centers
  • MedFast Urgent Care Centers
  • Senior Consultation Center/Solutions
  • The Children’s Center

Due to power outages, the following locations are closed until further notice:

  • Parrish Medical Office Building – Port St. John