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Philanthropy Officer Awarded CFRE Designation

CFRE International has named Amy Lord as a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE). Amy Lord is a philanthropy officer at Jess Parrish Medical Foundation (JPMF), the fundraising arm of Parrish Medical Center.

“The CFRE credential was created to identify for the public and employers those individuals who possess the knowledge, skills and commitment to perform fundraising duties in an effective and ethical manner,” stated Jim Caldarola, CFRE, immediate past chair of CFRE International. “As the certification is a voluntary achievement, the CFRE credential demonstrates a high level of commitment on the part of Amy Lord to herself, the fundraising profession and the donors who are served,” added Caldarola.

Individuals granted the CFRE credential have met a series of standards set by CFRE International which include tenure in the profession, education, demonstrated fundraising achievements and a commitment to service to not-for-profit organizations. They have also passed a rigorous written examination testing the knowledge, skills and abilities of a fundraising executive, and have agreed to uphold Accountability Standards and the Donor Bill of Rights.

Misty Wilson, JPMF director, was awarded the CFRE designation last year. “We are honored to have two CFREs at the foundation and proud of the hard work and dedication Amy has provided to our organization for the past two years,” said Barbara Terhune, JPMF board chair. “Amy has consistently shown commitment to PMC’s vision of Healing Families—Healing Communities® and we look forward to her continued contributions.”