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Graduate Nurse Experience

For information on Parrish Medical Center's Graduate Nurse Experience and to be connected with a member of our nursing recruitment team, click here.

Parrish Medical Center’s Graduate Nurse Experience is unlike any other. In keeping with the medical center’s healing environment philosophy, the Graduate Nurse Experience provides the recently graduated nurse with a solid foundation on which to build his or her lifelong, safe care nursing skills.

The experience begins with classroom learning specifically structured to enhance each graduate nurses’ knowledge in preparation for clinical practice. The experience is designed to help forge professional relationships with fellow care partners. The graduate nurse is paired with a specialty-trained preceptor for approximately 10-12 weeks. This preceptorship strengthens the graduate nurse’s practice by helping to build confidence, enhance assessment skills, critical thinking and decision-making.

Throughout the first year, the graduate nurse attends focus groups offering educational opportunities, mentorship and fellowship with current and past graduate nurses.

The Parrish Graduate Nurse Experience gives graduate nurses the time and opportunity to immerse themselves in Parrish Medical Center’s culture, empowering them to fulfill our mission of providing Healing Experiences For Everyone All The Time®.

The Parrish Graduate Nurse Experience:

  • Individually tailored
  • Collaborative with members of the interdisciplinary team
  • Provides essential tools for the provision of high-quality, safe patient care
  • Supports the graduate nurse during her/his transition out of school and into the hospital setting

Parrish accepts applications for graduate nurse positions at three times a year in coordination with nursing program graduations in the summer, fall and winter.

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Graduate Nurse Experience Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I apply?

The Graduate Nurse Experience is intended for high-performing graduates of an accredited nursing program. Candidates may apply and go through the interview process four months prior to their graduation date from an approved nursing program.

Should I apply for any open RN position at Parrish?

No, you need only to apply for a graduate nurse position.

What is the application process?

Once your application is submitted, you’ll be contacted to complete the interview phase. Successful candidates will progress through two rounds of interviews and will then be assigned a job shadow if he/she has not already completed a Parrish clinical rotation.

Can I start working as a nurse before I receive my Authorization to Test or my Florida Registered Nurse license?

New hires must have their Authorization to Test documentation to start working as a graduate nurse.

Are graduate nurses paid during the Graduate Nurse Experience?

Yes, graduate nurses are paid during the Graduate Nurse Experience.

What departments are you hiring for?

Graduate nurses are hired for all areas of the hospital, including medical/surgical floors, critical care/ICU, and emergency and perioperative departments.

How long is the Graduate Nurse Experience?

Graduate nurses are paired with specialty-trained preceptors for approximately 10-12 weeks, depending on individual needs, but the Graduate Nurse Experience extends the full first year of a newly graduated nurse hire.


Nick Gumieny, RN"The Graduate Nurse Experience at Parrish Medical Center provided me a great opportunity to gain experience and confidence in the Emergency Department. Utilizing my preceptors, educators and computer-based training allowed me to develop an excellent foundation that I build on every day. To this day, I always have resources available to me to learn and advance my skills.” – Nick Gumieny, RN, Emergency Department

melissa“The Graduate Nurse Experience strengthened my skills of assessment and gave me confidence when taking care of my patients. It taught me how to become a great nurse and for that I will be forever grateful..” -- Melissa, RN, Med/Tele

Mariah Lewis“The best way to describe my Graduate Nurse Experience: It was a blessing. I say this because I felt invested in. I felt as though the team of nurses I was with wanted me to succeed and would do anything to make that happen. I was taught more in three months about patient care, critical thinking, and time management than I ever learned in nursing school. Not saying this because I didn't learn a million things in school, but my colleagues taught me how to apply all my skills in a real life situation.” -- Mariah Lewis, RN, Ortho/Surg/Peds

Bliss Drinkwater“My Graduate Nurse Experience provided me with the knowledge and skills to transition from a nursing student to proficient Emergency Department nurse. Now, as a preceptor, I draw from my personal experience in the graduate nurse program and enjoy being able to be a resource for new Graduate Nurses” -- Bliss Drinkwater, RN, Emergency Department