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It Matters Which Providers You Choose

Brevard County Primary Care Physicians

Your primary care provider needs to be someone you can trust. Communication is key to a doctor-patient relationship, and feeling like you can’t speak openly with your physician has a serious impact on the quality of your healthcare. In a sense, looking for a doctor is a lot like looking for a partner.

Finding a Provider That Can Meet Your Needs

When researching local healthcare providers, there are several factors you will need to keep in mind. Perhaps most importantly, you will want a doctor that accepts your insurance. Your insurance representative should be able to tell you which physicians are included in your network.

Other things you should ask yourself when choosing a doctor include:

  • What are my family’s medical needs? If your family has a history of a medical condition, such as heart disease, the risk of these issues occurring in other family members increases. Finding a physician experienced in treating certain conditions is in your best interests.
  • What kind of doctor do I need? Both family doctors and internists provide primary care services. Deciding on which is best for you depends on your living situation and personal preferences. A single man or woman is often better off working with an internist than a family doctor.
  • What are the doctor’s credentials? Does your doctor have any certifications? What kinds of experiences have other patients had with him or her? Not every physician will have the skills you and your family require. You should take the time to learn more about a doctor’s education and experience.

Parrish Medical Group

Parrish Medical Group is an affiliate of Parrish Medical Center and the largest network of physicians in Brevard County. All of our physicians are board-certified and experienced in providing exceptional patient care. Many providers in our network specialize in various disciplines, including neurology, orthopedics, and geriatrics. Contact us today to learn more about our providers and clinics near you.