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It Matters Which Hospital You Choose

Picking a Hospital in Brevard County

Do you know what hospitals are nearest to your home? When an emergency happens, you will want to be prepared and make the fastest route to a quality facility in your network. Choosing which hospital to turn to for medical issues goes far beyond picking the physically closest facility, you also need to know that they have the technology and specially trained staff you or your loved one need.

What to Consider When Choosing a Hospital

In an emergency situation, you will not have time to research hospitals and pick the one that best suits your needs. This is why planning ahead is of the utmost importance for ensuring your family’s safety. There are many factors to consider when deciding on a hospital. For your convenience, we have outlined a few of the details you should keep in mind when deciding on a hospital.

  • Insurance – First and foremost, you will want to make sure hospitals near you are included in your health insurance network. This is the simplest way to ensure your medical expenses will be covered without unnecessary complications.
  • Quality and safety – Not all hospitals are equal. Hospitals undergo rigorous examinations and assessments from local and national survey services. It should not be too difficult to research information about a hospital’s death rates, patient outcomes, and technology.
  • Your primary care physician – Many hospital services require a physician’s referral. It will be much easier to coordinate care for a patient if the hospital already has a relationship with your primary care provider. You should speak with your physician to confirm that they can work with the hospital of your choice.
  • Specialties – Different hospitals focus on different medical specialties. If you have heart disease, a hospital with a world-renowned cancer program is not necessarily the right choice for you. Depending on your health risk factors, you may want to choose a facility with trusted cardiology, pulmonology, or other medical specialty services.
  • Patient experience – The best care comes from dedicated, trusted professionals who understand the importance of working one-on-one with patients and listening carefully to their concerns. Take some time to find out what kind of experiences other patients have had at your nearest hospital.

We Want to Be Your Healthcare Provider

At Parrish Medical Center, we encourage you to take the time to learn more about us and other local hospitals. We have been providing high quality, safe healthcare services in Brevard County for over 50 years, and we are confident that our services stand apart. You can learn more about how we compare to other hospitals from the following third-party organizations: