Family Medicine at Parrish Healthcare

Dedicated Care Solutions for Brevard County Families

Family medicine is ongoing healthcare for patients of all ages. When we visit our primary care doctors for our annual check-up, we receive care from a family medicine practice. In many ways, family medicine is the most critical care people receive. This is care that monitors their health, helps them avoid foreseeable health risks, and refers them to other specialists and services when needed.

At Parrish Healthcare, our family doctors treat patients throughout all stages of their lives, providing them with the insight, resources, and preventative care they need to thrive. If you are interested becoming a patient with one of our family doctors, call us at Parrish Healthcare today.

What Does Family Medicine Entail?

Family medicine is meant to be comprehensive and family doctors partner closely their patients to maintain their current health or provide solutions to address emerging or persistent medical concerns. At Parrish Healthcare, our family doctors provide various services to our patients and their loved ones.

Our family doctors:

  • Conduct yearly check-ups
  • Prescribe medications
  • Administer immunizations
  • Assist patients to achieve health goals
  • Order any necessary lab tests
  • Provide advice and insight into health concerns
  • Educate patients about health issues
  • Introduce patients to local health programs relevant to their health

Most importantly, our family doctors are often a first point of contact for patients when they need access other parts of our hospital. Our family doctors forge close relationships with our patients so that if there ever is a need for additional care at our hospital, collaborating healthcare professionals have the medical information they need to provide those patients the best possible care.

If you are interested in becoming a patient with one of our family doctors, Parrish Healthcare is ready to hear from you. Contact our knowledgeable, accommodating team today.