Lipstick Alliance

Parrish Healthcare joins a national alliance to promote women’s wellness

The Lipstick Alliance™ creates better health experiences for women of all backgrounds and ages by working with health systems across the U.S. to remind women, who are the chief health officers of their families, to apply good health daily. Lipstick is a bond that brings women together. Like the pink ribbon for breast cancer and the red dress for heart disease, lipstick will become an American icon of wellness and self-care for women.

Parrish Healthcare is progressive in today’s era of preventive medicine and population health management and sus­tains meaningful conversations about health and wellness with women who make upward of 94% of all household health care decisions. Parrish Healthcare understands the importance of wom­en’s health and the role women play in their families’ health. With the Lipstick Alliance, Parrish Healthcare will sup­port women and their families through all stages of life and expand on the daily habit of improving their health.

Parrish Healthcare chose the Lipstick Alliance to extend our Healing Families— Healing Communities® vision, by which we are guided every day,” explains George Mikitarian, president and CEO. “We are proud to be the exclusive hospital in Brevard County for Lipstick Alliance. As the first health system to be nation­ally certified in integrated care, we look forward to collaborating with Lipstick Alliance to integrate a fresh approach for women and their families’ health throughout our Parrish Healthcare sys­tem and community.”

Adds Tanya Abreu, executive director of the Lipstick Alliance: “The Lipstick Alliance is unprecedented as a commu­nity health program that links women’s wellness with beauty at U.S. hospitals. We know that 81% of American women use lipstick daily, so we want to use lipstick as an icon for women to take better care of themselves every single day. We want our slogan ‘Good health. Apply daily!’ to be a rally cry for better women’s health.”

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