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Parrish Medical Center offers Video Visitation for COVID-19 Hospitalized Patients

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TITUSVILLE, FL (April 17, 2020) – Parrish Medical Center (PMC) is using video visitation to enable patients hospitalized with COVID-19 to be with their families, electronically.

PMC is using an iPad to visually connect COVID-19 patients with their loved ones.

“People hospitalized for COVID-19 are required to be in isolation; their loved ones can’t visit them,” said Carlos Diaz, PMC patient experience professional. “PMC’s care partners know this has an emotional impact on families, which can also affect a patient’s ability to heal.

“Not everyone has a personally-owned mobile device to be able to stay in touch with loved ones,” Diaz said. “For those who don’t, PMC is providing it at the hospital for video visitation use.”

Video visits are part of the Parrish mission of providing Healing Experiences for Everyone All the Time®, said Natalie Sellers, vice president of Communications, Community, and Corporate Services.

“Being hospitalized with a virus that a few months ago was unknown to the world creates even greater stresses on hospitalized patients and their families,” Sellers said. “The ability to visit reduces those stresses, and we’re honored to make this service available to those in our care.”

Working in partnership with the patient’s care team, PMC’s Patient Experience professionals coordinate the 30-minute video visitation using an iPad. Extra precautions are taken to ensure devices are sterilized before and after each video visit.

While doing over 314 bungee jumps all over the world, Peter has been adventurous all his life. You can imagine how hard it was for him when his wife had to rush him to the ER due to his shortness of breath. “I was having trouble breathing when my wife brought me to the ER. I felt weak. The doctor found more than a liter of fluid in my lungs. I was diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD),” said Peter.

“I have been receiving dialysis treatment at Parrish and at a time like this, during the coronavirus pandemic, there’s nothing more important than staying in touch with your family. I was able to connect with my wife face to face via an iPad and let her know I’m okay,” said Peter. I have had such good service at Parrish Medical Center and I am so thankful for all the staff for caring for me through this time.”

Parrish Medical Center makes iPads available for use and families or patients can arrange or reserve time in advance. If you have a loved one being cared for at Parrish Medical Center and want to arrange a video visit, contact the PMC Patient Experience team at 321-268-6685.